What is Zen Teachings?

Zen Teachings is a tool to strengthen the mind, body and spirit for the battle within. We use the path of martial arts and mental discipline to help you become the best version of yourself.

What can I expect from my Zen Teachings subscription?

Expect to be provided the tools to become the best version of yourself. Expect to become a better mother, father, friend, employee, boss and partner. You’ll experience a noticeable change in the quality of your life and your ability to deal with adversity. You’ll also experience a marked improvement in your interactions with others and most importantly, yourself.

How will Zen Teachings enhance my life?

Zen Teachings will enhance your life by providing a lense through which to see the world. The Teachings will give you the tools to be the captain of your own ship and the person you want to be, when you want to be that person. You will learn to be calm despite what’s going on around you. You will learn that through discipline, hard work and controlling your internal environment, you are always in control. While this does not mean that you won’t get upset and challenged like you always have, it does mean that you will now be able to rise to those challenges and disappointments and not let them dictate anything about you.

What if I want to stop my subscription?

Because our goal is to enrich your life, there are no contracts and you are not obligated to continue your lessons. You may cancel your subscription at anytime.

Should everyone meditate?

The answer lies in your own life. Ask yourself:

  • Do you have any stress?
  • Do you have kids?
  • Do you have a significant other?
  • Do you have familial or work relationships that are sometimes trying?
  • Have you ever been frustrated while driving or standing in a line?

If the answer to all of these questions is , “no”, then perhaps meditation is not for you. For the rest of us, these common stressors make learning to respond well despite the outside influence immeasurably beneficial. You have the power to be a master of your actions rather than a prisoner of your reactions.

I know I should meditate, but how do I do it?

This program will teach you proper techniques and how to truly focus on the breath, letting all other thoughts and worries fall away. You’ll learn to be so focused that the other things in your life naturally fall away from your consciousness as you prepare your mind and spirit to face your world as the person you want to be.

What should I see as a result of my meditation?

You will experience calmness and peacefulness coupled with the ability to respond well. The results will not necessarily be apparent in the actual practice and meditation itself, but will be evident as you navigate life’s waters and handle stressors better than ever before.

You will become a better mom, dad, or overall person as a result of your practice. The benefits are observed by your coworkers and loved ones by how you are responding to life.

Too many people are looking for the result of the meditation in the meditation. There is a difference between being in a peaceful place as opposed to becoming peaceful. We take vacations to go to peaceful places but it is much more powerful if we can learn to be peaceful without needing to be in a peaceful place.

I have no interest in punching, kicking, or any part of the MMA culture. Why should I practice Zen Teachings?

Zen Teachings are applicable no matter what you do. While many practitioners use physicality to develop self-discipline and the ability to defend themselves, the same principles and values transcend every walk of life. You will be able to apply the exact same philosophy and teaching to anything and everything you do.

In our society, very few people get attacked regularly on a physical level. However, we are all “under attack” emotionally by loved ones and coworkers. Our ability to respond well in those situations can determine the quality of our lives. It does not matter if you practice physical martial arts or a different style, this program is applicable for you.

I practice martial arts, why should I be involved in this program?

It is wonderful that you practice! The goal of Zen Teachings is not to elevate any one style over another. All martial arts share the same connection between the mind and the body. Whether you are a close-range specialist, a long-range fighter, or a grappler makes no difference. You will learn to appreciate your practice and realize how it influences every aspect of your life both on and off the mats.

We do not want to change anything that you do in your current practice except give you the language and understanding to develop a deeper connection that allows you to carry your practice into your everyday life. You will be able to draw that connection and see how practice really does amplify your existence.

Do you offer one-on-one teaching sessions?

We are working on offering one-on-one Skype and IM sessions. Stay tuned for more!

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