Stop Doing This or You are Guaranteed to Fail!

Stop Doing This or You are Guaranteed to Fail!   Martial Arts, Mindfulness and meditation have all been a part of my life longer than I can remember. I know that they’re so inextricably intertwined with who I am, that any attempt to view the world without that permanent lens is a futile effort. It … Continued

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What did you do though?

What Did YOU Do Though?   Life can be hard. There is no question about that. Sometimes we are all faced with tough situations: We lose a job; a friend or romantic partner betrays our trust; we can be the victims of crime. The list goes on and on and it isn’t often that we … Continued

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How to be successful

                How to be Successful   One of the most common things people ask about and like to discuss is the idea of, “How to be Successful.” There is a powerful desire to lead the lives we envision and many suffer greatly when reality doesn’t match expectations. The first roadblock to success is lacking a … Continued

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Stop lying!

Stop lying! Don’t be afraid to do some work. One of the most common things I hear is that, “I do some of that (meditation)” or “yeah, I meditate…just not regularly”. Your life will yield the results you want only when you put in the prerequisite effort. I do not say this judgmentally and I … Continued

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I Hate My Life!

Have you ever had a friend who seemed bound and determined to be miserable? Ugh. I’m turning 35. I have no friends. I wish I was 25 again. It’s hard being a single parent and having a worthless ex who doesn’t help out with our son. My son is a real handful so I can … Continued

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What to do after a bad breakup

Breakups.   Somewhat surprisingly, it is one of the most requested topics for a blog. “How can meditation and mindfulness help me in my relationship or after a bad breakup?” Meditation and mindfulness are helpful and important in all aspects of your life. Relationships are no exception. I would encourage you to listen to my … Continued

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My Ego is in Charge!

My Ego is in Charge! In a rational universe, there can exist no contradictions. If you view a particular person or situation and expect a certain outcome, but then are faced with something entirely opposite, there are really only two options that explain the phenomenon. Your understanding of that person or situation was misguided Your … Continued

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In Defense of Mindfulness

There are fairly common positions held by those who do not meditate. There’s a range of specifics but they tend to boil down to a few basic themes:   I don’t have time to meditate I don’t know how to meditate I’m not interested in that kind of “stuff” My mind is too busy…I could … Continued

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Living my best life

“Living my best life” The amount of times I have seen this in someone’s post or heard it casually used in conversation is almost funny. What does it even mean? I’ve seen it associated with people on the beach. I’ve seen it under pictures of a particularly delicious looking meal. I’ve even seen it while … Continued

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