Are you tired of feeling out of control in your own life? Have you heard about the power of meditation and the ability to take control of your inner environment so that you can be the master of your actions and not the prisoner of your reactions?

The Zen Teachings Lessons Program, with two modules of scheduled learning, will teach you to be the person you want to be when you want to be that person. Become your best self today!

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Module 1: Lessons in Mindfulness

Designed for serious martial arts students, this program will help you understand and study the philosophical and personal growth aspects of your practice. Martial arts is a path encompassing your body, mind and spirit. When you realize the power of this concept, and see how it affects your life each day, you will become a committed and dedicated student for years to come.The study of martial arts is a path of personal growth, encompassing body, mind and spirit. The Lessons in Mindfulness program is designed to support and supplement your physical practice, to motivate you and inspire you on ever deeper levels.

Module 2: Lessons in Mindfulness

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