There are hundreds, if not thousands of styles of martial arts. Some specialize in kicking, others in punching, others in grappling, others in joint manipulation, while many more attempt to be a hybrid of the best of all worlds. There have been decades of debate over which one is best and this has led to our current “MMA” culture. We do not advocate any one style over another. Each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. However, if you can beat up everyone in the world but cannot control yourself, then you have missed the point of practice entirely. Zen Teachings is for everyone, regardless of a specific discipline and it can even be applicable if you do not practice physical martial arts at all. At the deepest levels, all true martial arts strive to enable the practitioners to transform themselves.

Key Points

  • Martial Arts has a very broad meaning that transcends particular styles
  • Learn to compare yourself to yourself, not others
  • What is right for one person may not be the path for another; only do what is true to you

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