There are “fighters” and there are martial artists. True practice is never concerned with the outcome or rank…it is the journey itself that is the focus. Every moment and every breath is the point. Perhaps the more important question is, “when do YOU think you are a martial artist?” By now you know it is more than punching and kicking. You understand that practice is for everyone because the only true struggle is within us. One does not need to physically fight or get into a cage to become a martial artist. While it is true that a fighter is not necessarily an artist and an artist does not need to fight, to become a martial artist you need to be able to do both. This lesson will give you the tools you need to wage those truly important battles within yourself. Martial arts began in the sixth century with Tamo Bodidharma, a Shaolin monk, as its founder. He was also the founder of Zen. Bodidharma knew that pushing the other monks to become comfortable in discomfort would aid their spiritual enlightenment. You must surrender to your practice and use it as the tool to shape your life. When in the moment, the art comes through you, not from you. You will reflect on your practice and see its application in your day-to-day life and learn more techniques for sustaining this life-altering perspective.

Key Points

  • Your journey is yours alone
  • Practice is more than physical
  • Through discipline and sustained effort, what was once impossible becomes the only authentic way to live

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