How to Face Struggle

4 Tips on How to Cope When Facing Struggles

Life rarely goes exactly the way we intend. We can have the best plans and set ourselves up to succeed in every way we can control and yet, sometimes things just don’t work out. Disappointment is something we all face and will face again. There are times when it is insignificant and times when it is … Continued

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runninig motivation

How To Be A Motivated Individual

To be able to motivate oneself is a talent that not many people have. As many of you know, we finished a big test this past week in the dojo for one of our Black Sash candidates. It was the culmination of years of practice and years of testing and an absolutely incredible event. It … Continued

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savage black sash test

Jeremiah Savage’s Black Sash Test

There are Five Ways to become a great Martial Artist. Patience Perseverance Practice Hard Practice Exactly What You Want to Perform Meditate. Personally, I know this to be true not only in martial arts, but also in all areas of life. We could all certainly benefit from taking a breath and being more patient with … Continued

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zen teachings tournament

Life Lessons From Children: Grappling Tournament Weekend

I judged two of our kids’ grappling tournaments this weekend. All in all, we had roughly 90 young martial artists, from age 7-17, over 2 days. They were all competing for the very few divisional, top spots. I always enjoy these tournaments because it’s fun to see the kids compete and get excited. More importantly, it’s … Continued

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How I Created a Learning Moment From an Injury

We should all take the time for self-reflection and harder looks at our day-to-day activities. Sometimes, the time for such reflection and reevaluation are not necessarily of our choosing. How many of us have ended a gathering of friends with the best intentions to “stay in better touch” or “do it again soon”? Most of … Continued

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A Moment of Reflection: Friendship & Self Discovery

Life is a journey, not a destination. It’s funny how simple things can remind us of this. This past weekend I had the opportunity to hang out with some old friends. More accurately, they are people that I have known for a long time. I discovered that we didn’t have too much in common anymore. … Continued

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happy person outside

Speak Kindly & Surround Yourself With Positivity

No Man is An Island An and old very true saying, “No man is an island” means that who and what you surround yourself with becomes an integral piece of the person you are. Live positively and become positivity. To illustrate this concept, let’s use an example of two individuals walking into the same room. The first person … Continued

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happy couple with pug

How to Break Through Our Overwhelmed Feelings

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? The kind of “overwhelmed” where you’ve made multiple commitments and you simply don’t know where to start in terms of keeping any of them. Things are going wrong in life and you have an overwhelming feeling of “not being able to take anymore”. One more thing and you’ll just, “snap”. You … Continued

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boat floating in stormy seas

My Boat is Still Afloat. Is Yours?

Hello my fellow students in mindfulness. It has been a little too long since I have written. For that, I apologize. I have been sailing on some stormy seas in this boat we call life. Without getting into too much detail, it has been an extremely hard time for me and my family, with numerous … Continued

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best self woman looking at sunrise

Embrace Your Best Self in 2018

Are you working toward becoming your best self? During class this week at the dojo, I noticed that some of my students simply were not giving their best efforts- not being the “best self” I know they could be. It’s true that we all have “off” days every now and then. Sometimes things don’t fire … Continued

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