Are We Truly Grateful? I Challenge You to Think.

Are We Truly Grateful? This time of year, we spend a lot of time talking about being thankful for different things. The concept is great, and obviously we should all be appreciative for the people and things in our lives, but how often do we give this idea of gratitude more than just a passing … Continued

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take time to be happy

Time & Happiness Are the Most Precious Things in Life

As we enter the holiday season, one of the things that becomes more and more clear is what is truly valuable and precious in life. The material things that cause temporary joy are nothing to our relationships and the people in our lives. Too often though, we neglect what’s truly important for fickle desires. If … Continued

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inhale exhale beach sunset

Root Yourself for Life’s Challenges

Life is a Journey I had an interesting conversation tonight with a student who is going through a particularly hard time in his life. In fact, it has been a week full of interesting conversations; each with people all going through different things and in parts of their journey. In my years of practice, being a … Continued

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Man holding crystal ball in landscape

Be Better in Every Moment.

I had a very interesting conversation with a young woman at work today. She is wrapping up her internship and still in school. She was saying how much she enjoyed working, how she just couldn’t wait for school to be over so she could work full-time and get her own place. After much deliberation and at … Continued

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girl with confidence

Embrace the Tests, Always Welcome Challenges

Be thankful for every test We have a rank test coming up very soon here in the dojo. Our tests are extremely difficult and challenging both mentally and physically. This is by design. Our entire purpose is to push our students to their brinks and let them discover for themselves just how far they can … Continued

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How Does Zen Teachings Help My Practice?

Sifu and I have been approached by many of the students at both Michigan schools (and even via email from the Los Angeles school) with how helpful access to Zen Teachings has been in their practice. I was curious as to what the students were getting from the program, that they were not getting in … Continued

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rudolph makupson

Lessons From an Amazing Retreat

We just got back from an amazing retreat. For over 20 years, our multiple schools have gotten together for a weekend of practice. We had 75 devoted students from all around the country who came together to share their practice and love of the art. We were fortunate enough to have Sifu Ryan Scott and … Continued

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