How to Meditate

How To Meditate In 4 Easy Steps

I have been getting a lot of questions from people wanting the specifics on “how to meditate.” Since there is a lot of different information, and different types of meditative activities, it can be difficult to determine what is best for you. In order to set a clear path, I want to explain our process … Continued

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Creating Meaning in Our Lives. Fighting Despair During Dark Times.

Like many of you, I turned on the news Friday, May 18th and saw yet another horrific school shooting followed by the now, all too frequent, despair, outrage and cries for change. I was watching one mother’s interview and she said something that struck me. It wasn’t the first time I heard similar sentiments, but … Continued

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Defending The Self From The Self

4 Tactics To Defending The Self From The Self

We should all strive to become the best versions of ourselves that we can. That is enough of a task without having people constantly trying to distract you and stunting your efforts. Be careful of what (and who) you let into your life. Unfortunately, we will encounter negative and unambitious personas in our lives and we must learn how … Continued

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All Day

Create Habits That Last All Day, Interview With Dan Bolton

Last week in one of our meditation talks, I interviewed Dan Bolton who has been a student at the dojo for years. His children, who are in high school and college, are also enrolled in the program. We discussed his life, practice and how it has influenced him and his family. To hear our discussion, listen to … Continued

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Impermanence: Finding a Deeper Reason for Meditation

I was out of town this week and got to spend some great time on the beach. Hearing the waves and smelling the ocean is always one of my favorite things to do. There’s always the opportunity to take the time to think and reflect as you walk along the water, and of course, some great … Continued

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Fear of Failure

How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure

Fear. How many of us don’t do what we know to be right simply because we are afraid of failure? As the Zen Teachings website has grown, and I’ve begun to have more and more contact with students who are not in the physical dojos, I’ve had some pretty common questions and comments. “I love … Continued

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How to Deal with Anger

3 Ways To Work Through Your Anger

Anger it is a fundamental emotion that we all feel. I’ve encountered a few situations recently that have made me extremely angry so I thought I would discuss them with you for three reasons: To let you know that everyone feels it, even people who teach meditation and mindfulness. Selfishly to provide some of the ventilation … Continued

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put yourself first

A Challenge To Put Yourself First

How often are you really taking the time to take care of yourself? I noticed a strange but probably common thing this week: A friend of mine has been sick and has been putting off going to the doctor for weeks. When she finally went and got her medicine and prescriptions, she took another couple days … Continued

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What Does Truth Look Like?

I had a very interesting conversation with a student this weekend about the nature of truth and of being “right.” The student needed to know how to interact with the people around him. To sum it up, the question was how to, “Be right without having to rub it other people’s faces, and how to … Continued

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vibe tribe friends

Are You Surrounding Yourself With the Right Friends?

Are you surrounding yourself with the right friends? We’re all constantly inundated with so much. We all have certain individuals who make us feel like superheroes. They’re supportive, they see the best in you, and they make you feel invincible! We also have people who we can feel insecure around. These are the types that … Continued

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